Who are we?

LID OFF THE BOX ENTERTAINMENT is a family business. Its founders are English who have emigrated to Canada. Its base from the North American continent, mixed with a British background gives a cultural slant on what is produced and how it sounds!

Why do we do this?

The WHY question. It's key for us. In particular me Nicholas (NICKY) Slater. Here's a brief video and audio to give background. Bottom line it's about the search of freedom and a call to help others with that too.

When will music be released?

How do you treat privacy?


What is the purpose of our site?

06:45 - 19 April 2020 - Kelowna, Canada Co-Founder Nicholas (Nicky) Slater. In the creation of this site the WIX Help Menu provide a job to do. It will, they say, clarify the design of your website, save time, and enable a stronger design. In particular for template pages. This is a change for me. I design individual areas, then have to tweek them all, or forget them and re-do something again. I am highly creative - and I have been inneffective in harnessing that creativity. There is always running in the background my 'will I get told off?' I know, it's ridiculous. Who cares? And why does that voice speak and influence me... And why tell you this? - Well this site will incude 'ME PROCESSING...' I seek freedom and breakthroughs in my life. I seek to inspire you in this too. Cards on the table. And... by putting things in the light I am being vulnerable, looking like a fool and getting on anyway. Bit like the story of the actor who - on getting a blockage in front of everyone on set- stopped - dropped his trousers. And then, pulling up his trousers again - got on! OK I'm not dropping my trousers but I think you - and I may well get bored with the 'you'll get told off' voice. And I will get told off. I will upset people. I do, always have done. To a degree we all do, just by being present. And it's OK - it's their stuff. And sometimes me being a white God fearing married man standing for life upsets folk - and sometimes my lack of conforming to the norms upsets folk... And I need to get used to it and be OK. And love them anyway! It can be a hard world for a sensitive song. So is the chorus of a song I wrote a while back. So how can the sensitive soul 'man up' and 'be present' whilst being sensitive? In the changing rooms before I went on at the Olympics or a World Championship I could 'feel' the nervousness - so I'd get nervous. I'm getting nervous in my stomach thinking about it now! Maybe I need to just practise getting used to this - upsetting folk. You will see, when you dig deeper that freeing NICKSTIR is the focus of everything here and freeing our inner NICKSTIRs what we seek to inspire = for everyone. Now normally this musing/working would be hidden away in my computer which is full of thousands of files, forgotten and then re-done from scratch years later. I have many mission and purpose statements. I read and I believe they are key to any ongoingy successful enterprise. It's not what you do that's key it's why you are here that works as a guide over time. What 'we do' might change over time why we do it is constant. So getting to THE WHY is a key focus for me as I start out with Christiane my wife and Co-Founder to be MAKING CRAZY WORK - our tagline which suggests what I seek to do, at my age, with my background, with my responsibilities and with my other talents is crazy. But it's what lights me up, what I wake and work each day starting 6 am or earlier, what I am passionate about... And - something will come. It is time to break that model of hiding out. SURPRISE... What is 'surprising' is that I write answers that are firstly what I/we want... Funny how that changes my perspective. i think I'll put an audio and video here once I've processed - to make it quicker/easier to take on board and to remind me - and everyone else - what we're about. I've got to a summary/tagline about why we are here from a couple of years ago. LIDOFFTHEBOX.COM
Freedom for the rest of us...
We/I am here in the search for freedom from those pesky lies that can bind us. Rock n Roll - let's Make Crazy Work - together - enjoy the processing below... Love N ______________________________________ The purpose of our site: FOR US To provide an outlet for our giftings, our hopes and our dreams To be able to work hard to develop those giftings, gaining competence and confidence To overcome our fears, scripts, societal pressures and societal norms to find freedom To risk all, work hard and create the very best offerings we can To dare to look foolish in the world's eyes, breaking paradigms of what does or doesn't work To grow relationships, to learn to hear, love, respect and inspire those different to us To ongoingly TRUST that the world will give back, if we dare to give, and to give and to give To be honest, kind, truthful and in integrity, standing for what we believe in To be a stand for the potential and value of life To know we are all designed to be amazing no matter what anyone or head contributes To do our very best for ourselves, our families and for those we serve To laugh a lot, to cry together, to disagree - and stay, to discover more To stand in hope expecting great things to come To celebrate life, together FOR THOSE WE SERVE To inspire freedom through entertaining, encouraging and inspiring with our work To make our products and services attractive with great design, production and delivery To showcase, promote and make accessible our products worldwide To maximise our reach, availability and visibility To provide high quality design, production and delivery 'one to one' and 'live' To trust and ongoingly prove that 'you can't give without getting' TRUST - Miriam Webster... 1a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. b : one in which confidence is placed. 2a : dependence on something future or contingent : hope. b : reliance on future payment for property (such as merchandise) delivered : credit bought furniture on trust. By working full out to give the very best of ourselves, serving using our skills and giftings, accepting all feedback, breaking through our fears and foibles to deliver excellence with kindness and integrity We stand in hope and expect great things to prosper:
- Growing our business in scope - Paying ourselves and our partners well - Having a blast along the way
Why are visitors coming to your site? To receive products and services that light up their lives and touch their souls To find gifts for themselves and those they care for To laugh, dance, cry, smile and be encouraged What value do they get? A positive contribution to their life and for those around them Entertainment delivering love, laughter and the odd questioning to enhance their life Inspiration to overcome their fears to be the best they can be A rebellious stand for righteousness that fuels lyrics and song Something unique that breaks society's norms of the day What would you like them to do, gain, learn, etc.? GAIN: Smile, laugh, dance Feel loved, valued, safe Be encouraged (given courage) to be the amazing people they were designed to be Learn to breakthrough and breakfree from 'lies that have bound them' with tools Enjoy wearing and using great, fun products that light up their days GIVE: Support this work through spreading its message sharing Support this work through finance and purchasing Support this work through being a part of it as a member ______________________________________ NMS: - OK - it's 08:50 - I'm on my second cup of coffee and I've filled in some gaps here. Glad you stuck with me. There's a lot here. It's strangely cathartic to have a place to store it online in our develop FAQ section! Of course the 'scaredy cat' demon on my shoulder may ask me to remove it shortly. Or the same on my wife's shoulder and then this disappears into the computer... Which is where Scaredy Cat wins! I've just invented 'Scaredy Cat' as a character! Rock n Roll. ______________________________________
WIX GUIDANCE RESUMED... Bored now - off to take dog for a walk in the sunshine... Admin tasks are a stretch... OK no - I'll stick with it... Group the content of your site based on this purpose and the value you intend to provide to your visitors. OK - MUSIC GIFTS BREAKTHROUGHS... Header done to these areas - I like three - it's powerfull for design. Father Son Holy Spirit a pretty good example! WIX: How can you best order and layout this value to make it accessible? (Wireframe drawings can help.) I've made it as simple as possible with a top line like Apple - although my mum died this last Monday and their top bar being black suggests sombody died right now - so I'll go for white. I'll go for the simplified essence of our brand. In some ways having the name shown is better - this is our swoosh - the place where you know us - the metaphor we embody. But let's go for the final look now. It's a great design that took many hours to develop over several years. Colour? Why do I like a grey/bluey tone. Flouresent green elsewhere? i think it's because it's preparing the rest of the site. To be considered... WIX: Which categories do you have? Recipes, events, or vacation destinations? RELEASES artists and everything about them and their output music tracks music albums audiobooks audio video STORE fashion, household, music, etc. artwork that fuels designs writing videos BREAKTHROUGHS breakthrough diaries writing/video be a vip breakthrough programme - it's awesome -- spoke to C - explained about Scaredy Cat.

And writing here, like this, is madness. Not the norm. Tell what you have when you've worked it out - the norm. But, I am sharing with you the process. I am the author, the founder of this enterpise. In real time I am sharing its creation. How awesome is that! ---- OK breakfast - 09:16 see you later. ---- WIX: Are any of these categories related to others? WIX: Will you add content in the future? What kind? How will your site pages work together?



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