I am called from my dressing room and am walking backstage along the corridor at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England.

It's like a Gary Barlow video. I've been here before.

I stop and chat a moment to the lady and gentleman who sit guarding the backstage area on their chairs. I've seen them there years before. They had retired but I asked they could come back as my guests this evening. Once I've passed they will be taken to the best seats in the house.


I walk past the parked cars and stage bus backstage. There is electricity in the air.

Around me our tribe of warriors. An A TEAM of performer and show professionals dedicated to delivering a fabulous show are gathered. We love each other and we hold each other to account.

Onto the stage - the roar - the energy and there you are watching on - tears streaming down your face. You know the journey. You know what it's taken to get here - we connect - take a moment... and then we Rock N Roll and dance. Along the way we have quiet moments and we laugh, celebrate, remember, as we feel love in the room.

And... is it really two and a half hours later we are done. A memory box moment of a lifetime shared that will live with us forever.

Curtain call - I look around me at the fabulous musicians, dancers, management, techies, audience. And I am humbled and give the glory upwards with a thank you.


Then it's off for a 'tough workout' to get the adrenalin through the system and some time with friends before bed, We have another sold out show to perform tomorrow...