An Epic story unflolds...


Hi, Welcome.


I've been known as Nicky Slater and had fame 'twice' in Britain. Once as an Ice Dance Champion and later as a Celebrity Judge on TV. A huge challenge for me has been that 'I never chose ice dancing in the first place' (it was given to me by my parents who were Ice Dance Champions) and that my life was defined by that past. A past that scarred me deeply.


So how to break free of a bubble you grew up in and live in the real world? How do you re-invent yourself? To what? What is your purpose? What can you do that lights you up and enables you to make a living? This is my journey.

I've reached base camp. Now it's time to climb. It's Everest. Simple goals: (1) support my famiy by writing and performing music and comedy, (2) grow the work to front a sold out party in MEN Arena in Manchester, England,  (3)  entertain and inspire others to go for their dreams, and (4) build an Entertainment Factory to change the world for good.

So how about change where you live to make this easier? I am now a Permanent Resident of Canada as of 2016! So to share in the North American continent would be a bonus.

I've been a champion and know how to be a champion and I know a champion has to focus on themselves quite a lot. I aim to be a champion as a performer. DREAMTRYB is my way of: (1) providing resources for me to train as a champion does, and (2) to be doing this re-invention, in a great team, entertaining and inspiring you through our stepping out and with what we bring, along the way.

You see I want to connect, entertain and inspire on this journey. I sense that by demonstrating anything is possible through music, love and laughter we will see breakthroughs in our lives. It's a real life experiment with practical application.

I am a storyteller and I love to inspire laughter, particularly with my boy who can loose it over the kitchen table.  Joy. And I love to write and perform.

And my take is that to stand out, to be a champion, you have to do something different. So in pursuit of this, DREAMTRYB is created and placed within the context of a saga, a story, akin to MARVEL AVENGERS or a STAR WARS construct. It really is good aginst evil; as in life. It is being written as we go, reality meeting storylines. It is an Epic tale...


By being a DREAMTRYBER you will have access to how the the saga is unfolding. I'm in my WAR ROOM right now writing. I'll welcome you in, you just have to keep it TOP SECRET and pass security to gain access. 

My vision and goal is for DREAMTRYB to change the world for good, without a gun, one person at a time. Join me, it will be good for our souls.


It could be seen as MPD on steroids. This story has truth and pain to provoke comedy. It's also daring to overcome lies that hold me back. A rich ground to write from.