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We will be making Lid Off The Box Episodes: Every second episode will only be available to DSAs. 

To avoid us being laden with the responsibility of one Episode a week for example, or a chapter of this and that. We are maintaining a flexible approach. The goal being to inspire creativity and output rather than force accountability and disempower the soul!


Episodes will include:

  • exerts of books being compiled

  • glimpses of songs in production

  • random thoughts on World events

  • music video exerts as they develop


  • Top Secret DREAMTRYB stories

  • Top Secret B A VIP how to win sections

The DREAMTRYB STORY - is epic comedy drama scripted from a base of reality. It requires resource of time and admin to develop it and that's where DREAMTRYBERS come in.

Join with us - as a Patron / Partner / Community Member. You will be enabling us to move from one man band to production and be a part of the journey. It will be awesome and we will laugh along the way.

Twenty years of content stands, unformatted, ready to be be honed to release ready. You joining with us will get some super music and fun stories produced that will touch lives - entertaining and inspiring.



DREAMTRYB are on a  mission to FREE NICKSTIR. They think he is 'The One.' But FIAH thinks that too and has invoked the Paris Protocol for the second time in history. They have hacked DREAMTRYB's accounts and threatened and stopped funding..


Now it's a desperate last stand as DREAMTRYB Super Agents, all former SBS, SAS or LUF converge on MI5 Safe House 37 in the North American Continent. where NICKSTIR hides out.


Sir Nicholas Clarence Frederick Montegue KCMG OBE is DREAMTRYB's Director General, based in DT HQ in Richmond, England. He  thinks NICKSTIR's passion for 'The Big Show' could release FIG and change our world for good. 

DREAMTRYB Super Agent (DSA) Frank Speaker leads the way.  He listen's to NICKSTIR'S  vision - sees his logos, art, music -  has a meltdown - takes the super secret untested CH-1LD DREAMTRYB Labs pill and...


Frank gets 'a great idea.' Start a record label.' He's called it LID OFF THE BOX.


Frank knows nothing about music or business. He thinks people make money out of music! But he has his book - the 2014 Edition of 'Get More Fans.'

Frank also has an old fashioned honour system and doesn't know how to be politically correct, because he's simply not following the news and is not aware what's supposed to be said - or not!

And NICKSTIR is the ultimate REBEL and stand for rightousness. It's an interesting combination...



- SO FAR -

The ongoing battle between good and evil; of unseen beings that fight in the heavenlies, and fight most fiercely in the minds of men is playing out at full ferocity.


Meanwhile, linked to this earth bound DREAMTRYB Super Agents (who don't know the super powers they have  been bestowed yet) and an unsuspecting ex Ice Dancer join the fray in earnest.


 This, is our 2020 backdrop.



Our story reaches back to Jericho walls falling in Biblical times. It runs on through Templar Knights long after Acre as the Paris Protocol was activated.


Winston Churchill rekindled it's force in his living room at Chartwell as World War Two was ended in 1945, and he is about to be deposed as Prime Minister.


In 1984 at Richmond Ice Rink, London, England by the side of the River Thames an ice dancer known as Nicky Slater was earmarked. He was identified as a potential key to this story's resolution and the revelation of it's Holy Grail. But he was not not told.


Wise owls chose to adopt a 6.0 policy at that time. Six zero being the perfect score for Figure Skating back then. The rationale being that a person of age and experience had more chance of releasing, from the distillation of their life journey, and the deepening of the soul that can cause, the essence and power sought.

Which brought us to 2018.


 At the ultra secret DREAMTRYB Headquarters in Richmond, London, England - aside Richmond Green above Grenville Jewellers Sir Nick, removed the dusty Box File from DREAMTRYB's custom Chubb safe and took the lid off the box.


In The Dark Place, the underworld Headquarters of  the global menace FIAH (Fiendish Individuals that Attack with Hate) deep beneath it's prime real estate Hotel in Lucern, Switzerland,  an alarm signal was electronically activated by a routine message, transmitted by it's spy embedded at DREAMTRYB HQ, as it was decoded.


Black Hat, as FIAH's ancient leader (though somehow he can look young and distinguished should he choose for short periods of time) has forever been terrified at the prospect of FIG being released. FIAH's power would be negated. It was to be avoided and watched aginst. He was well aware of The Asset DREAMTRYB had access to. He must be stopped. As alarm bells rang in the wet dank, dark dungeons of FIAH's lair which he enjoyed, rather than it's plush offices and hotel fascade.  He invoked, for the second time in history, The Paris Protocol. 

DREAMTRYB  was attacked. It's funding stolen, frozen, hidden. DREAMTRTYB supporters. That group of top business and wealth owners,  whose lineage linked back to Churchill's 1945 living room conference were targeted their families threatened. FIAH agents were activated worldwide to be on the alert to attack, subvert and - at whatever cost - stop The Asset being realised. The battle for Mind Control through media, close friends, acquaintainces and by influencing the minds of all those around the asset to be Code Black. The highest level FIAH could invoke.  Distractions, injuries, illness, technical issues, finance removed. Any influencers that could stop DREAMTRYB's Asset to be actioned to be used...

Meanwhile DREAMTRYB Super Agents from across the North American continent converge on former MI5 Safehouse Number 37 in Kelowna, Canada. All MI5 (which had a rebrand to MI6 for English spy operation abroad) had to have the 15 in their address numbers. So it is that Nicky Slater and his family found an unbelievable cheap mortgage to be able to purchase this 1912 Edwardian Home at 1537 ------- in Kelowna. They had followed a prompt to emigrate to Canada in 2016. Slater thought he was getting a great deal. DREAMTRYB underwrote the purchase.

Remodelled extensively under the guise of ridding the home for termites in 2008 Safehouse 37 holds an array of riches for DREAMTRYB Agents and The Asset to access. But FIAH have hacked DREAMTRYB's computers so no one knows what these are.



That power, the Holy Grail for which men have sought, fought and died for is  FIG (Frequency Interventions For Good). The belief is that bad men can be influenced by sound and the world can be transformed and evil subdued by the power of that certain 'elusive' mix of sound waves.


Many lives have been lost on the journey to uncover the Holy Grail. In times of history it has made it's presence known. Now a TOP SECRET battle is going on behind the scenes.

And the Lid Off The Box  record label and store is the front for it.



He worked alone many years to make it reality.


Unexpected help arrived...


It's good against evil, the battle for the mind - and for the soul...


Why are the forces of evil so intent on stopping our man gain his freedom?


 What are they afraid of?