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nicholasMARK   -   Artist | Entrepreneur

nicholasMARKSays Hello

nicholasMARK is an Englishman now living in Canada who was born in 1958 (which he can't really believe as he seems to have missed  over twenty years in the wilderness along the way).


Now, reborn to who he always was as an immigrant in a new land, he creates love and laughter wherever he goes. Often at his own expense through his songs and humour.

He is reborn as a performer in a new chapter of his career writing, short stories of love and life drawn from his experiences and observations in song. He composes from guitar, piano or voice. 

He is a Rolls Royce with a Yes M'Lord domain enabling him to appreciate the finer things of life. He just hasn't quite made it to Rolls Royce income... Yet!

nicholasMARK is a dancer, ice dancer, romancer, laughter provoker and he's taking a chance (er that didn't quite work...) He is a a stand for good. He sings, dances, plays guitar and piano - but not all at the same time - and he is learning the shaker (it's difficult).

He is a Producer and works with great producers and artists to create EPIC entertainment products seeking to change the world to make someone's world a better place.

Genre? You may say Adult Contemporary, oftentimes you might say something else - what is assured is his raison d'etre - EPIC SONGS FUELLED BY LOVE is fulfilled.

He is living proof that you can re-invent yourself, you can make the dream reality when you find your passion. 

He is inspired by Gary Barlow, Billy Joel, Anthony Newley, Andy Williams amongst others.

This show man loves show business - to create a great entertainment product and a great show working with great teams his passion.


To see more of his background before he was reborn as nicholasMARK you can see Nicky Slater's journey of searching....


Or maybe simply enjoy nicholasMARK

SO FAR the debut album.

Twelve tracks that tell the story of his transition from lost to found, boy to man. It is a holistic piece of work from opening notes of 'I'm on a knife edge' to final anthem ...'and the best is yet to be.' A complete journey in 12 songs over 47 minutes with Epic Production as its watchword and at its core.

This is an album with a powerful through line and  songs ranging from Bossa to Rock n Roll to Pop, Shuffle, Blues and Country Ballads and the Beatlesque craziness of 'Millionaire' featuring Basil Fortesque Smyth III which is one of the hit singles this album will deliver.

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN the Christmas Single 

A beautiful arrangement by Kelowna Producer Andrew Smith.


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"I love everything about show business. I love the people who work hard to bring the audience a great show whether it's a truck driver, a rigger, makeup artist, cameraman or a performer. It's a team.


I love to be a part of a team dedicated to bring the audience a great show. I've always loved that from age five in the Christmas Ice Shows.


Taking the judges out of the picture (the audience is the judge) and creating the content that God willing will touch hearts is an exciting and worthwhile challenge.


And somehow music reaches deep, bringing a soul to soul connection.


I love it when a song says hello. I love the stories in the songs that come. I'm a blessed man to be able to have this opportunity to bring them to life."


Lone Microphone