If you are in Britain you may have heard of me by the name Nicky Slater.


If you haven't heard of me then welcome, you will see I have a number of identities here. You can pick which you choose or flit between them. We all act, I'm ramping that up a notch.


I've always had an issue with whether 'NIcky' Slater is my identity and I've been working on re-inventing myself as An Entertainer for a while. I thought a new name might help folk accept this more easily. We shall see?


My unfinished journey here, with it's twists, turns, surprises, challenges, learning and insights fuels all I do.

A key Coping Mechanism for me is to have my life as a Comedy of Errors. I have provided much material to date. So here is a place to share those Banana Skin moments!


Going for dreams, finding identity and having the courage to step to re-invent yourself and then overcoming fear in our web society is what this is about.


Some have a harder time breaking free from lies that bind them. I may be an extreme version of this. We are all amazing but sometimes scripts and learnt behaviours mean we never fly as we could. Fear holds us. Why?


I'm going to have to learn to deal with: abuse... Deal with questioning, with praise and silence in this harsh and brilliant internet world. The haters thing is quite a challenge for us all - learning to examine and disempower this phenomenon a skill to acquire.


It is my hope that this work, this adventure, reaches wide and deep helping others step up to their dreams.

Let's be clear, this is no wishy washy save me escapade. This is a place to dare, to break free and to fly. Love and laughter key weapons to be used.


Now I've been held back by my fears and scripts throughout my life. I have hidden away trying to nurture a dream I've always carried. That dream, never shared, never tested - never dies.

My life was defined by a past I never choose in a sport/art that was corrupt for me and scarred deep. A Champion, two Olympics, TV fame - for what?

My upbringing was focused on becoming number one in the world and left my social skills undeveloped. The project failed - I only reached fifth.

And I was screwed up. A mix of boy not matured, lacking social ability and real world skills yet with the competitive spirit of a warrior.


So finally, here, I a step out to risk, fall or fly, taking The LID OFF THE BOX of my life. Scary... and exciting.

And I believe there is power in music and in comedy to reach deep. And I love an audience, it is oxygen to me. So bring these together then...

No chance? Or every chance? What makes the difference? Let's look see.


I seek breakthroughs. In this I touch on psychology and I've been coached and coached in getting breakthroughs and competing to win. I feel I'm in constant therapy! This work i sMuisc Therapy and Giving Therapy for me.


I've been given a gift to communicate, to tell stories that touch people's hearts. I've been working to be able to put these to music I write and perform.


I love to perform onstage and an audience is oxygen to me. So now, to do that in a different guise and make a living from that to supports my family and to be able to give. Possible?


And this is RISK. It has been so a long while and I start every day asking God for a BREAKTHOUGH.


A crazy five year goal? To achieve it will be winning Olympic Gold for me. I only made sixth at Olympics in Act 1.


To be with you, in The MEN Arena, Manchester, for a party where you've bought a ticket, along with 10,000 friends. I'll be playing my music with a great band, staging and dancers.

It's a ridiculous goal of course. And ridiculous to state. The mockers and hater internal and external may attack. Judgements and questions flock in. Vulnerable in the speaking. Yet, it hurts no one and in my heart and head, for many reasons I can see it, smell it, taste it. But it's wiser to hold it in reserve of course.

I'd love you to join me on this journey to that arena show. Then we can laugh cry, and write this story together.


I need an army to make the vision fly as I see it. I need a tribe. A place to belong. A tribe of dreamers who make things happen. A DREAMTRYB.


Thank you for reading. We can break free. You have permission to fly. And anything is possible, when we believe.


Kelowna, Canada - July 2018

PS To my Canadian and American friends. Maybe we need to replicate the Arena show on this side of the pond? Or maybe you'd like an excuse for a trip to England? Rock n Roll...


"Not true" said an Olympic Champion to me. Yet the child might never know the rational argument behind my friend's thought through response.

They never know they can't, so they do.

My father John Edward Slater used to say "There's no such word as can't." Discuss...


Or simply get on, work hard, work smart and do - and surprise everybody.

"I never knew you could" - "Well I couldn't - till I worked at it!"

N & C

A script on my life "I survive alone' is not true. It is a lie to be ongoingly addressed and broken - it will be gone in time. It takes a while for the penny to drop for me.

I have always been blessed with beautiful women around me in my life. I've made lots of mistakes, and I hope given some joyful times, in those adventures. The colours of a woman are rich to me. Women are 'all' incredible. I've had many great conversations over coffee, lunches and dinners. Whatever the age the female is amazing, sometimes confusing, frustrating, unfathomable, changeable, soft, strong, deep, crazy and... every other tern that fuels lyrics I write...

Now, by my side, is Christiane, my wife. "I don't want to work with you" she often says. Maybe that's because she thinks I'd  be a nightmare to work with? But mostly because she sees her roles as wife, mother, friend... Of course I married her because I thought we'd be great working together - so that is a slight change then! 

Our journey eleven years in (2018) is one for me of learning about each other, growing and letting pre-conceived 'It'll be like this go." It's not easy at times. Relationships - it seems - are easy to walk away from, I've done that in the past. Breaking that again by choosing to stay, and seeing sunshine breakthrough.


Christiane is a deep, wise woman who has skills in seeing (and capturing that in imagery) and in singing (an Ella/Eva - Jazz, Soul sound) and speaking that are world class.

So don't tell her that she's working with me but I plan to percolate her images throughout what we offer as they give a unique viewpoint on places we've travelled to, and where we live. So CHRISTIANESMEDIA is a key part of LID OFF THE BOX and - as long as she's not working with me - we'll be fine!

Christiane is learning to cope with her maverick, searching, driven, crazy man... Living in a perpetual zone of risk that would break many and alongside this bring up our amazing boy Benjamin. I think she will have a story to tell at some point.

As a friend said to Christiane "You are an Angel" I concur.

Nicky Slater - Founder / Creative