We are Nicholas (Nicky) and Christiane Slater,  British immigrants to British Columbia in Canada (2016) with our son Benjamin. 

Lid Off The Box Entertainment is our family business.


Below is our why and some 'full disclosure' processing.



N & C

Co Founders




Why do this?

Top coaches repeat this question.


It is more than the what you do. Which may change over time.


It is the heart and soul of how you are and what is produced.

we are...




Taking the LID OFF THE BOX of our lives


Inspiring love, laughter and freedom



Telling stories

Obeying a call


Expecting breakthroughs


Meeting great people in our DREAMTRYB



It's about taking


of our lives and 


It's about




Stadium Concrete Seats

Freedom for...


Halftone Image of Crowd

- us sensitive souls that pick up feelings

- us rebels hiding a cause

- those of us with a closed down dream 

- those of us who need more courage

- those of us who need breakthroughs

- those of us who can rationalise why not

- those of us who've been told we can't

- those of us who've been told we won't

- those of us who know it's too late

- those of us who...need encouragement

- those of us who want to free their warrior heart

- those of us fighting the battle for the mind

- those of us who want a community, a tribe

- those of us who seek purpose and meaning

- those of us who want to perform - as Olympians 

White Noise on Black Background



To inspire love, laughter, freedom


N: In my search for that 'real me' identity, I've been held back by my fears and scripts seeking freedom all my life.


I love comedy, it is truth and pain. Painfully I have lots of truthful moments and banana skins to inspire laughter... NICKY SLATER PRESENTS is comedian me.

LID OFF THE BOX is about identity. It's about finding who we really are and where we find our freedom.

White Noise on Black Background
Concert Live Audience






The Mission: NICKSTIR fronting a fabulous arena show of his songs.

He has blown the doors off fear and created EPIC releasing FIG.


We all have inner NICKSTIRS.

Taking the LID OFF THE BOX of life and freeing them up our mission.



Because stories make a difference


Christiane: I see glimpses of Nicky's brilliance - see his grandiose schemes develop - laugh at his songs and have seen him broken and grow.

And with our miscarriages, with Jon Freddy, with our journey, with my background being given up for adoption. With our journey in marriage, life, faith and now starting to finally work alongside each other.

I think we have a story here.

I believe in his 'free Inner NICKSTIRS' concept and...

I look forward to seeing my husband fly free.

Pebble Beach



To obey a call...

Was it God or someone driving past at 6 am those Brighton mornings I heard the voice in my head? Like a Bill Cosby comedy of old when God called in.

'Set people free from those lies that bind them' and  on another occasion 'the magic's in the music.'

I follow.



To breakthrough in provision.

The lies are 'You can't have it. You're not worthy, it is for someone else.' My more subtle lie was - 'you'll be arrogant if you get it,' arrogant me bought that!

We are here to serve giving entertainment and inspiration. We believe that when we give excellence to the world - the world gives back abundantly.


We will give 10% of pre tax profit to initiatives promoting the arts of debate, listening and understanding.

We will see resource to make a global impact with this work...

Dollar Bills
Black Sky
Black Sky



To meet great people, make a tribe and encourage each other...

N: I am an eagle, I was left as a child, I have a 'survive alone' mantra. I battle to trust, stay, belong. I am winning.  


I see DREAMTRYB as a safe place of belonging where dreams can incubate and be encouraged without judgement.

I see DREAMTRYB Special Agents -DSA Training empowering embryonic dreams, breakthroughs, peak performance and laughter.

Free NICKSTIR, release FIG and change our world for good is our live mission to fuel this.


Taking the LID OFF THE BOX of our lives


Inspiring love, laughter and freedom



Telling stories

Obeying a call


Expecting breakthroughs


Meeting great people in our DREAMTRYB




I've written 1,000 times...

I was fifth in the world at ice dancing. I failed.

I grew up performing in and I have produced in arenas - I love them (and ice rinks) as acoustic venues. It's the reverb and effects the ice surface creates...

I have a crazy dream I'd like to fulfil before I die. All I create, and much of our WHY, is part of the processing. The learning of life.  The constant pursuit for freedom and a potential enabler of that dream coming to reality.


I seek to break free of 'selfish' whilst knowing that I am fully responsible for me. I'm learning how by playing full out, competing - I can inspire. And being OK with that.


I'm trying to reach the place where with adulation or naysayer I remain the same... I am learning new identities of: husband, daddy, dog owner, friend, leader, son.

And I battle 'Scaredy Cat' on my shoulder who reminds me I am too old, alone in this and have no chance. And I battle never having a model of 'real life' in my upbringing.

So I am constantly learning 'normal life' as new. It is a beautiful thing as I stumble and gain insight.

All this is my path. And I am honoured to have you here reading, alongside me. Thank you.

I want the truth out. I hate surprises. I would rather you walked away than - later on - had a revelation that had you think. "Oh it wasn't what I thought it was."

For the record. I hope you stay. I am becoming convinced we can have an amazing time here. 


So below, is FULL DISCLOSURE. It's the letter I've written and re-writtten 1,000 times.

Enough now - get on...


N - May 2020



Co-Founder - Nicholas (Nicky) Slater


I have shared over the years what I'm developing. Normally I am reticent to do this now. But, at dinner, later on, when I dare open up, I let the vision have air. Most often next day, I reflect and wish I hadn't. 


I seem to overwhelm people with my grandiose schemes with their myriad possibilities. Yet based in - haven't launched yet. Are they jealous? Are they thinking I'm a madman? Are they trying to protect me? Are they scared of me? Are they sad for me? Why should I care? But I do...



I have often reached the reaction from my audience, after leading them on tales of good against evil to finally be vulnerable and share my dream of... 

"So it's all about you then?"


This felt like I was conning them up to that point. That was not my intention. But perhaps I am naturally protecting that ridiculous dream that scares me when I face it head on. 

So I came up with the idea of giving you a Full Disclosure Statement here. Enjoy.


Truth is the reaction I got and my internal dialogue has held me in my 'survive alone' bubble. I have been PRODUCER ME trying to enable tentative ARTIST ME, to grow. It's cost a fortune in time and money. Hindsight - don't buy kit - go to school! But then, the school might not have accepted me. Too old, not good enough, etc., etc... Hoops administrators create don't suit rebels, mavericks and dreamers.


I have been self centred - protecting the embryonic dream - making positive steps some days, over many years.

In some ways this has been good - although the time it's taken and the cost have been chronically ineffective. It's a part of the story and I wrote the lyric "I'm the Hero of the lost song," yesterday. So the journey fuels the writing.

So to be clear on my drivers...



To perform my music for you - as my alter ego of NICKSTIR & Co with a great band and dancers on a sold out arena stage as we have a fabulous time together.

I grew up on arena stages. I have come to realise I am a Showman. I love Show Business - every part of it. I love Show Folk. And - I am a front man, a performer.

I've been a dance man - on arena ice - but not a Song and Danceman. And I'd not written, arranged, performed and sung those songs before - on that arena stage.


Now - it's not me - Nicholas Slater or Nicky Slater doing this - it's my NICKSTIR character I am coming to know. NICKSTIR is my STING, my confident persona. Leader me. My persona I had on the ice in the top five of the world. The persona I gain as I step onto the stage. Which is home to me.

Yet it is a part of me. Comedic Nicky Slater belittles and makes jokes to cover the dream. He is a Ricky Gervais self deprecating Dudley Moore persona. that's how he survives and gets laughs. I have renamed him Nicky Slater Presents. Subtle but makes a difference.



I am developing what I have coined Brand Psychology. It is the development of self awareness and freedom through a brand. It's not new. Your Family Crest, your Coat of Arms, your Who Dares Wins. 

For me though it is proving powerful at this time. I wanted to run away from pursuing the big show yesterday. I had meltdown, shouted too loudly at my son and was contemplating giving up the dream... Because 'I wrote as Nicky Slater.' The dream is not for Nicky Slater - I can't see him being on that stage as a music performer - I am seeing Nicky Slater Presents as a comedian more and more but not the powerful music performer.


Now I know I should just focus on 'The Big Show'... So what you see here has taken many years and gives me a hide out from that dream excuse. A dream never shared, never dies.

Or maybe, just maybe, it can enable it? Perhaps we can change the game? Create a DREAMTRYB, buy ten thousand tickets and make it so! That is possible. Anything is.

Still a massive stretch, a mountain to climb but... possible.


I have been known as NICKY SLATER in England and in my former skating life. I've never been completely comfortable with the name. Although sometimes it works. So I seek freedom in my identity.

On this site you will see my Multiple Personalities Re-Ordered.




I had a serendipitous encounter with a coach on a self development course I was doing in London. The late, great Colin Vearncombe of the band Black was my coach! Funny how things work. He nicknamed me NICKSTIR.


I prayed in church Lord what's my name? I seek my identity. A still small voice. It's NICKSTIR...


When I stand in 'NICKSTIR me,' I am transformed. I am that confident, top five of the world competitor again owning the ice. Wow...


Daily I seek and work for breakthroughs. A massive breakthrough is to no longer be alone in this. I have my wife alongside me. It has taken me years to become humble enough, and wise enough to have her as co-founder.


And the scope of work now requires resource to grow. We cannot do this alone and complete part of it before I am 120 years old!


How about a tribe that supports the development of all you see here and NICKSTIR's vision to deliver THE BIG SHOW? 

How about weaving THE BIG SHOW into the story?


I now see what I have created over all these years as having the potential to be MARVEL with MUSIC. I see that when I stand as NICKSTIR I'm as confident as a Gordon Sumner (STING!)

And I know I need to work, practise, build the team, build the audience (you?). It's a huge job - and I am scared of building an ongoing business because I have never done it. I am learning to embrace the challenge.


Nicky Slater me has always been self-sabotaged. Now is the time to gain freedom in that area. 

I know it's starting to be weird as I speak in different personas. White coats may turn up soon! But I'm learning about the Actor, the ACT - from my wife who trained actors...


I - OK - NICKSTIR has written the songs for three 'BIG SHOWS' They are a terrific mix of rock n roll, dance tunes, ballads. And he's close to NICKSTIR's sound...


And here is the transition. When I speak of NICKSTIR from a third person perspective I can explain what's going on in a different way. It's freeing.


Enter Frank Speaker, DREAMTRYB Super Agents and the story unfolds as good against evil. Because that is exactly what I face. It is the battle for the mind. For identity, for purpose and for courage.




And - to get to 'THE BIG SHOW' requires a seismic shift from my Nicky Slater upbringing, competences, scripts, fears, procrastination and foibles that have held me in my life.



My upbringing and background have given me riches of experience to draw on. I starred in my first ice show aged 5. I have performed in arena ice shows across the world. I have produced, written, been Impressario shows. I've toured. I love the arena circuit of North America (except Las Vegas) where we paid a US $50,000 overage bill for one night! They did us.

So I know some Show Business. I have driven a stage truck around the O2 Arena car park in London. And I love all of it.


To complicate matters - years ago I had a very simple idea. Take songs written and present them in different genres through different characters. This has fuelled and grown into the EPIC battle of good against evil that you will see here.

It is further madness and tremendous fun as characters develop and reveal more of themselves daily!

Is this the ultimate 'in order to' distraction? Or will it bring freedom - the Holy Grail I have sought?


It's bonkers, enthralling and develops... and develops... Is it part of the show? Is this comedy meets reality?



How about a DREAMTRYB of supporters who are encouraging me ( NICKSTIR), backing me (NICKSTIR) and pushing NICKSTIR to get up on that stage and blow the doors off fear, creating EPIC.


A DREAMTRYB that have enabled NICKSTIR to work his butt off - with an A TEAM of Management, Techies and Artists to deliver something amazing for you?

How could that be? 'Producer me' can see it. I know models of the people I seek. They are professionals, dedicated to delivering a fabulous professional show that touches hearts...

Wow - to write and take 'me' out and put NICKSTIR in - makes such a difference. Now you might begin to see why I seek to give you full disclosure. It takes a bit of getting your head around... For me too!




I've been rubbish at this... My pension plan is - keep working. That's the story - So far...


My goal is to make a plumber's wage to support my family. Yes I know... Ambitious! I know some plumbers :)


And to give them a two week holiday each year.

I know - I know - so many of you laugh at such small goals. But I tell you, if I can provide that, on an ongoing basis from what I create here - that will be a massive breakthrough.


So why should you care?



Well it turns out it's not 'all about me' after all. That is a lie I've taken on board and has held me back from sharing.

I've gotten scared of what people may say. Because what I seek is growing, grandiose, not - one thing at a time as I seek EPIC. It's crackers and 'to me' it's gorgeous.


This is all about us - you, me, Christiane and our families and what we can be in the world.



I am risking and daring to do something that lights up my heart and that I know is possible.


And I'm not completely sure of how much of it will work yet. My strategy is 'own the IPR (Intellectual Property)' and we will meet folk who can help us create value from it as we go...


This excites me, scares me and challenges me to start work at 6:00am most days... I've been up since 5:30am as I write on 24th May 2020. (Updated on 27th May)


And the world and the battle for my mind would have it as madness and impossible! So the daily battle rages... 





And as we step I am hoping there is something here for you.

I love to encourage people I meet. I am an encourager. It is a gift I have.

But I wanted to be straight with you. I realise I can be an encourager through being a great performer. I did not realise that  - doh. And I am also doing something that is impossible to most people - except NICKSTIR. And that can inspire others.


I see a warrior tribe - encouraging each other. I'm seeing us laughing at life and enjoying amazing breakthroughs as together we are....



Did I tell you my script was 'I survive alone?'- time to break that.


So whether arena stage or no I am somehow gaining freedom in this journey I have shared here with you. I am giving my all to get somewhere one way or another and my characters help process the angst and hope...

I am - at heart - an entertainer. To entertain and inspire you is a joy. And I aim to be as good as I can be at it - for you.

I am no different to any 14 year old with a passionate dream. I am no different to you as you feel that dream stir inside. And yet it should all be over - I should retire quietly, not bother anyone. Or so repeats the 'Scaredy Cat' voice in my head.


And when I see freedom - in a movie or sing it in a NICKSTIR song - it has me cry as my heart is touched. I feel connection, I am blessed.


I'm all in here, and my wife is amazing in letting me for so many years risk, fanny about, and slowly develop into all you see today. She wants me to find freedom.


Full disclosure this is. I became a Christian in 1985, I was knee capped by the devil and lost my career, took wrong advice, hurt people and have been in the wilderness.



I've had depression, been agoraphobic and lacked skills for real life.

I retired on the six o'clock news on ITV in Britain. I've been 'good naturedly' booed on a 12 million viewership reality show and ten thousand seater arena shows. And I've had ten thousand in a US Arena go - 'Ohhhh.. we like your accent' as I presented shows there... There's been some moments. I've had fame, without fortune, twice as Nicky Slater.


And my faith is key for me, I was a rubbish ambassador for Jesus for many years. I'm still nowhere near perfect. But I'm seeing change in my life that is only possible when God steps in.



I find myself 'teleported' to a church in another continent called New Life.

I have an amazing beautiful wife (and for many years I couldn't say that), a fabulous son, a dog (I've never had a dog before). I'm an immigrant, I am humbled. I am searching for freedom and know that - I have it. I just need to learn to stand in it.

I'm not who I used to be.

And I don't want 'a ministry' I don't want a closed down 'Christian' target area. This is more than that...

But 'for us' God is at the heart of this venture. Righteousness, honour, courage to stand against societal norms and the - there is no easy word - persecution that will come from that. Expected.

I am a white Christian, heterosexual man who believes in family as man and woman, in saving every child's life. (We have had four miscarriages and a still born. Jon Freddy lived with us through one Christmas in his mummy's tummy). So I know a foetus is life. His heartbeat is on one of NICKSTIR's songs.


I am confronted appalled at societal pressures for alternative norms being 'promoted' as mainstream.



Goodness - Great to have you here. This is therapy for me and great to be able to share.

My story proves that we can re-invent ourselves. I'm a daddy. I never thought I would be good enough. I have a wife, who I know will stay. I never thought that possible. I have a father in heaven who loves to hear me play and sing and loves that I am doing my best.



If nothing else comes of you being here - here's a hug of encouragement for you today.


You are amazing. Yes, no matter what circumstance you face - you are. And you are loved... 

I read that perfect love casts out all fear. I am learning more of that and trying to stand in it!


Seems to me that when we dare to step - something changes. Is it serendipity? Or is it something more?

Enjoy looking at the work we're creating here. At time of writing I grapple daily with how it will all fit but somehow the breakthroughs come.

Something's coming here...

I am prompted to start the book - THE BIG SHOW - to log how we go...


I write a lot. Pithy is great. We are done. However, I have written the dream of that performance day of THE BIG SHOW.

Thank you for being with us on this  journey.





Co Founder



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