Some of us hide out..



To take the LID OFF THE BOX of our lives... and keep it off?



An experiment into taking the LID OFF THE BOX - of life...


our heart ...


our soul...


our spirit ... 


Who decides what is crazy and will not work?  Why have I let that 'opinion' influence me for so long? What have I been afraid of? What if I dare follow my heart, take my own path, ignore what 'I learn' is expected of me, what my upbringing and circumstance dictate? What if I stand in what lights me up, stop procrastinating and risk all to step no knowing how it will work out?

Welcome to Lid Off The Box Entertainment...


Our Crazy Work embraces music creation and performance in NICKSTIR & CO, home to English singer songwriter and designer NICKSTIR (and friends).

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Our Crazy Work includes recruiting  entertaining and inspiring a global TRYB of Top Secret Special Agents. A DREAMTRYB, whose mission is Free NICKSTIR, release FIG and change our world for good. It's a MI6 James Bond meets Marvel - with music!





Our Crazy Work addresses peak performance psychology - for the rest of us. It's about freedom to be the amazing folk we all are, and not take ourselves too seriously...

THERE'S ALWAYS A WAY just takes some of us longer than others!


'Nicky, your life has been a blo**y disaster, but we love you anyway...' so pronounced my late Aunt-in-Law as she sat beside me at dinner.


Comedy is truth and pain. There is treasure in misadventure, a comedy writer's goldmine in my journey. For example, I've had a problem with my name 'Nicky' Slater, with my identity, stature and with 'real life' generally. Therapy and Self Help courses cost thousands. Alternative 'Nick Name' personas developed to enable my search for freedom and the courage to step.


My parents were Ice Dance Champions - so I was too, entertaining on TV, in arenas,' ice rinks and theatres. Trouble is I never chose ice. There was more. Busking in Ipswich, England, in the rain, for £1.05. Ha. So now finally it's time for me to stop hiding out and take the Lid Off The Box of my life to be Making Crazy Work!


© C E Slater 2020


Hi, I'm Nicholas (Nicky) Slater a British immigrant to Canada (2016). At heart, I love to entertain. Joy for me is to see you laugh, touch your soul, enrich your life.


Alongside me is my wife and Lid Off The Box Co-Founder Christiane whose beauty, imagery, wisdom and patience (with me) greatly enrich our offering. Now I've a Champion CV, but truth is I self-sabotaged much of my life, held by fear, perfectionism, foibles and my lack of normal upbringing.


I love to encourage people and see them break free from lies that bind them. I have been trying to break free of those lies all my life. Along with thousands of coaching hours I had to be a World No1 (I got to fifth) I have studied this subject. Lid Off The Box draws on this mixed with what is now being created.


I've battled to incorporate my dream, my vision and the purpose I've discovered into LID OFF THE BOX. I've shared my goal with three people, up until now.


You see it's personal, gorgeous, self centred, scary to share and yet - it is also about giving and serving from what lights me up. To you it may appear as absolutely crazy, yet, even as I sang completely out of tune I could hear it, see it. It's come to be me - being NICKSTIR - re-kindling and building on the man who once stood on ice, in a different guise. So...


My personal vision? To re-invent myself as an entertainer with music at the core of what I offer and inspire people through my journey. To reach a point of fronting a profitable, EPIC, arena show. I love arenas!  To see you there in the audience as we dance and party! To  prove anything is possible when: (1) I believe (2) work my socks off (3) overcome lies that bound me and (4) I'm a part of a great team.. OK, that's four people I've told.

© C E Slater 2020


Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results - unless you're practising... NMS


We are a fledgling start up and I've always envisioned an Entertainment Factory.  I've been 'it' for twenty years! I have wasted much and I've also learnt and created songs, stories and characters I love. So it's time to breakthrough, change the game.


It's time to TRY plan B. The plan, gain resource to work with an A Team to address technical and admin so I can focus on music, books and The Big Show seeing life.


DREAMTRYB is the key. A group of folk that support us and seek to empower, encourage and inspire each other as we take the LID OFF THE BOX of life and MAKE CRAZY WORK.

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© 2017 Clive Minnican


I believe in  'serendipity' - right place right time.

So we invite you:

  1. To join our DREAMTRYB Community and partner with us 

  2. Be in touch if you'd like to be a part of our 'A Team'

  3. It would be great to hear from you.


I've created a body of work over 20 years and slowly developed skills. Christiane supports brilliantly, artistically and in visuals. And I lead and am mostly alone in this across vision, writing, performance, management, websites so's, databasing etc and production. Importantly - I have no accountability to deadlines. So my character is that I put things off and may hide out - until it's all perfect. First release due in a hundred years at present rate as I have ny family in poverty! And then I make more great songs and re-edit this text for the millionth time! A dream never shared never dies? Discuss...


To breakthrough into sharing I've set myself a brief 'as Designer' embracing the Bauhaus principle of; Less But Better, which I love.



Force (facilitate) 'artist me' to develop, release and perform his work by:

  • designing a clean online channel set, to integrate and support the work

  •  designing to dissuade tinkering/re-designing/re-writing the channel

  • designing simple powerful systems to facilitate productivity and TEAM


What you see here is the iterative outworking of this brief... 

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